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Sasako by MeitoWalker
I wished Ishida-sensei showed how Haise did his make-over.
In the Snow by MeitoWalker
In the Snow
I like how Luffy and Chopper are badass when fighting but they're still like children at heart.
Pellona by MeitoWalker
Bullet; RedTake a pen and start drawing!
            Okie dokie...
Bullet; Red What does your handwriting looks like?
            It's always in a cursive and italic format.
Bullet; Red Tag some friends
            Lemme see... Imma tag... :iconrikurikuri: &  :iconaphin123:

I was tagged by Silhouette-TxD 
I've been to enamored with One Piece lately.
Sasaki Haise by MeitoWalker
Sasaki Haise
I like the new personification of Kaneki but I still miss the previous ones.
I just ate dinner and I started hiccuping.
Let's get this over with.


1. You must post the rules.

2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

6. No tag backs

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

 1. In doing whatever artwork you do, what is/are your mean(s) of inspiration?
My source of inspiration is in everything. But the thing is, whenever I'm inspired to do something I am too lazy to actually do it. Therefore I accomplish absolutely nothing.

    2. If you were given the ability to bring one and only ONE anime or manga to real life, which one would it be?
The obvious answer would be Pokemon. But then again I want Allen Walker to be real. 

    3. Top five favorite songs?

  • Resan Til Dag by Alexander Rybak
  • Ég á líf by Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson
  • Arriety's Theme(French version) by Cécile Corbel
  • Sugar Sugar by The Archies
  • Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
            These songs are my current favourites. Notice that I do not actually understand most of the languages but I love them anyway.

    4. The last customer does not want to have fries with their order, you on the other hand need to sell the last pack of fries so that you can have an all-expenses paid trip to around the world for as long as you want... What would you say to convince the last customer to buy the fries?
    Well, I'd tell them that if they buy the fries I will pay them twice the price of the fries. Did ya see what I did there? I MADE IT RHYME~!

    5. Is it pronounced as toh-may-toe or tomay-toe? Defend your answer.
        The obvious answer is "toh-may-toe" because my name is "Meito" and "toh-may-toe" sounds like "to Meito". Ain't it nice to hear that someone wants to give ya somethin'?

Okie dokie, now that's done I'm gonna ask all of the people to whom I will tag to cooperate. 

Mein Questions:

1) Give me a ranking of your favourite food.

2) Compare your anime crush to something or someone.

3) How can a bear fit his/her paw on a jar of pickles?

4) If you are a burglar and you accidentally saw something that you should not have seen, what would you do? (what you saw was an ape shaving his body hair revealing that the ape is actually your favourite actor/actress)

5) If you could live inside a movie/a book/ or a comic, what would you do?

I know that some of the questions are weird so please do answer them seriously,if you wish.

MaddAnts kiainne le-Uinn Kagee-chan CaptainJellyroll: JUN-KAMIJO  JirkaVinse ROSEL-D  aphin123  USUK-Madness

Now I'm going to brush my teeth...

  • Listening to: Pop Danthology
  • Reading: Fireflies by Ally Blue
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: with air
  • Eating: Munchkins
  • Drinking: Water


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Cj Liu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I like drinking tea in the morning.

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